Lettore audio TEAC CD-Z5000 

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While some of the cheap players are overflowing with more or less useless gadgetry, more expensive models like the TEAC CD-Z5000 possess a sensibly pared down selection.

 The player is rational looking with a centrally mounted loading drawer and controls fitted for basic play operations. The remote control adds functions such as programming and disc search, random track search and tape editing. Fixed and variable level analogue outputs are fitted, plus an optical digital output but no coaxial electrical equivalent.

The CD-Z5000 is an 18-bit eight-times oversampling player which uses a technique like negative feedback to reduce quantization noise and improve linearity, which are recognized weaknesses with multi-bit conversion techniques. The laser servo, which keeps the laser read head stable over the 'groove' has been worked on to avoid interference with other circuit elements, and, says TEAC, the 18-bit converter itself has been trimmed to improve accuracy at all levels.

Per informazioni: info@hifinatali.it - 057251360

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